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Our Menu

Everyone at the table must order the same type of ayce


Includes standard meats

Adult: $16.98 | Children: $10.98

Premium meats can be ordered additionally for $6.98 per 6oz portion


Includes standard & premium meats

Adult: $24.98 | Children: $12.98

Ala Carte

All Day Every Day

(GF) = Gluten Free
(DF) = Dairy Free

Enjoy Bawi to-go

Step 1 - Choose One Protein
From the protein options below

Step 2 - Choose One Side Dish
Kimchi (GF/DF) | Pickled Radish Strips (GF/DF) | Pickled Vegetables (DF) | Corn Salad (GF) | Vegetable Pancake

Additional Rice or Salad: $1.25 | Additional Side Dish $0.75