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Korean Alcohol

The best-selling spirit in the world! Classic soju is similar to vodka but smooth and without the burn. Although traditionally neutral in flavor, soju’s global popularity has introduced new fruit-flavored cocktails in a bottle to be enjoyed straight or on the rocks!

Chamisul Fresh

Chamisul Grapefruit

Jinro24 Soju

Chamisul Plum

Chamisul Classic

Chamisul Green Grape

Chamisul Strawberry


Rotating Tap

Bud Light

Michelob Ultra

Kirin Ichiban


Gravel Bar IPA

Hite Lager


Boen Pinot Noir

Boen Chardonnay

Imagery Cabernet Sauvignon

Marco Negri Moscato


Soft Drinks



Mug Root Beer


Dr. Pepper


Tropicana Lemonade


Sweet Tea


Diet Pepsi


Orange Crush


Sierra Mist


Mt. Dew


Unsweet Tea