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This is Korean BBQ with a twist...YOU get to cook some of your meal at your table. This is an "all you can eat" restaurant but you have two hours to eat. You will be served sides like salad, kimchi, corn salad, etc. You can choose different meats and seafood and vegetables to barbecue at your table. Dessert is included, however, dr ... read more
Kristine Robinson via - Mar 5, 2021
Love eating here! My server Pame was amazing and made the experience fun and easy. Will definitely be back and tell friends and family about it.
James Schneider via - Mar 1, 2021
Most amazing staff ever Sandra is an amazing manager and Bryce is a great server ... read more
Serena Torres via - Mar 1, 2021
We had an amazing experience. Curt was great and made sure we were taken care of. Will be coming back again and again!!
Devin Randolph via - Mar 1, 2021
Service was wonderful! I love this style food. They presented everything well. I will be back!
Joey via - Feb 27, 2021
9yr old to 75 yr enjoyed the atmosphere ,attention by servers!!! Birthday cake flaming awesome delicious FRESH all. Foods ... read more
Kathleen MCFARLAND via - Feb 26, 2021
First time ever gong here was great food!
James Hinrichs via - Feb 14, 2021
What a great suprise. Everything was so fresh and had great flavor. Make a reservation.
Kathryn Kersh via - Feb 10, 2021
First time at any Korean place, very welcoming staff who were patient with questions. Even during Covid they get a good amount of business, and I can see why. While you cook the meats (and some vegetarian options) yourself, the marinated meats are very good, as well as the sides. The rice alcohol being $14 surprised me initially, but ... read more
Niki Driggers via - Feb 7, 2021
Amazing food! Great service! Very upbeat atmosphere and clean. Delicious side items and attention to detail. Will be returning soon and recommending to friends. A great restaurant to bring friends and family from out of town too!
Melayne Flores via - Feb 6, 2021
All you can eat Korean! Two can eat for under $50 including the tip. Soooo good!!
Jonathan J via - Feb 6, 2021
Great food and great customer service ... read more
Austin Walter via - Feb 2, 2021
Food was great and plenty full
Food was great and plenty full ... read more
Ted Downes via - Feb 1, 2021
We were happy to see that you had two prices and the food was not bad at all but the waitress could have been a little more attentive and bringing drinks and food.
Angela Harris via - Jan 31, 2021
Our family loves bawi its a very unique experience and fun for the whole family we go at least once a month the food is always so good. The service is amazing staff are friendly!!
April Jarvis via - Jan 23, 2021
WOW!! We had the BEST dining experience at Bawi. What a fun experience! The food was amazing! The d
WOW!! We had the BEST dining experience at Bawi. What a fun experience! The food was amazing! The drinks were good and the service was the BEST! Janeth, the waitress, was so attentive. She explained everything precisely and even told us the history or reasoning they did it. 5 stars is an understatement!!
Shelby Owen Dobbs via - Jan 23, 2021
Always amazing service here, but Jessica was quite simply the best I’ve ever had. I will be sure to be back even more often now that they have a standard vs premium menu.
Alex Howe via - Jan 23, 2021
This is my first time coming to Bawi. I am very impressed and loved the whole experience. You have your table but you feel that it’s private and not a lot of noise. Sandra was really great at explaining the process and I will definitely come again. Such an amazing place and would definitely tell people to come here. Thank you so much ... read more
brittney Ochoa via - Jan 22, 2021
Excellent service and associates. It was a delight.
Cezel via - Jan 20, 2021
Great food, excellent service!
Maria Isabel Flores via - Jan 18, 2021
Jessica G. was an awesome server ...
Jessica G. was an awesome server, it was our first time visiting and she made both of us feel very welcomed. She showed the best ways to enjoy our meal and helped whenever we had questions. We shall be returning great job!
Brenden A. via - Jan 17, 2021
Jessica G was an awesome server! ...
Jessica G was an awesome server! She was very nice and made our whole experience amazing! We will definitely be back. Thanks Jessica G for making our first time experience awesome! The food was amazing as well! Best place in Springfield!
K H. via - Jan 17, 2021
It was my first time to try something like this. I enjoyed this experience with 2 of my favorite pe
It was my first time to try something like this. I enjoyed this experience with 2 of my favorite people. We had great service as well.
Geneva Harness via - Jan 16, 2021
This was our first time at Bawi ...
This was our first time at Bawi. Overall a great experience! Our server, Serena took time to explain everything to us and made sure to come back often to see if we needed more of anything. Great variety of meats to choose from, unlimited unique sides, and delicious sticky white rice! Couldn't have asked for a better last date night b ... read more
Ashley R. via - Jan 16, 2021
We were really excited to make ...
We were really excited to make it, the food was great, the experience was fun, and Jessica G was a phenomenal server. Thank you guys!
Keelie S. via - Jan 16, 2021
Oh how I wish this place had a ...
Oh how I wish this place had a second location in St. Louis! Great price for the quality of meats and variety. What I liked best is they had a vegetable platter seasoned perfectly for grilling. Our place in St. Louis does not offer that. We even got smaller meat portions by request so we could try more variety. The banchan was limite ... read more
Sara L. via - Jan 14, 2021
Glad we picked this spot for our ...
Glad we picked this spot for our rare COVID outing.  
Serena, our server was extremely helpful and accommodating.
Edgar S. via - Jan 13, 2021
The service was good, food was good, but for the price it doesn’t merit five stars in my book. It is hibachi style, but DIY grill. I think it could be a neat group experience ... read more
Bryan Butters via - Jan 9, 2021
Janeth gave amazing service!! Thank you sooooo much for the food and all the tips on how to grill.
John Ross via - Jan 9, 2021
Great food, great service, fun atmosphere. Serena was AWESOME!!!
Great food, great service, fun atmosphere. Serena was AWESOME!!!
Julie Moore via - Jan 9, 2021
We love eating at Bawi! The food is delicious and we love cooking it ourself. Our server Serena was great!!!!
Lindsey Breeden via - Jan 9, 2021
Very good service...i enjoy the ...
Very good service...i enjoy the service very nice staff ... read more
George F. via - Jan 8, 2021
Great place to share a meal and cook for each other.
Jacob Nick Metz27 via - Jan 7, 2021
My husband and I had a great experience here! Serena our server was helpful, kind, and accommodating! Will definitely be back and hope to sit in Serena’s section!
Paige Jones via - Jan 6, 2021
Serena was amazing! She kept up with my “all you can eat” requests. I’ve been here as a single many times abs they all appreciate me. This place is amazing!!
Jessica H via - Jan 6, 2021
Friendly service and good food ...
Friendly service and good food, but it just wasn't for me. 5 stars for service and the food was fresh.
Jasdip K. via - Jan 5, 2021
Friendly staff's and good food ... read more
David Laukon via - Jan 4, 2021
Jessica was amazing waitress I definitely recommend her! Super fast and on top of things! Can't wait to come back!
Austin Johns via - Jan 4, 2021
My sister and my favorite place to stop after getting out nails done💅! Its always sooo delicious 😋🤤! Jenny was amazing sever! She's always the best!
Jasmin Reyes via - Jan 4, 2021
Amazing food like always!! Rebeca was an amazing server hands down! Recommended her for sure!! Amazing experience!
jonathan reyes via - Jan 4, 2021
Serana was fantastic server amazing food will come back definitely recommend ... read more
Jollyranch sweet via - Jan 4, 2021
Serena was amazing, the food was amazing, definitely unique!
Ryan Sanders via - Jan 4, 2021
So good and such a cool experience. Thanks Serena!
Andrea Ehrhardt via - Jan 4, 2021
What a fun and unique dining experience! The food is absolutely delicious and the staff was super friendly. Our waitress Jessica was the best!
Mandy Hill via - Jan 2, 2021
Yummm so much fun eating at Bawi and you go home satisfied and entertained. Thanks Rebecca for being a great server!
Tonya Eddington via - Jan 1, 2021
The food was delicious and our server was amazing.
sumer parsons via - Jan 1, 2021
The best Korean bbq in town. All ...
The best Korean bbq in town. All you can eat with a good variety of meats and seafood to choose from. Side dishes are good too. Always leave full and satisfied.
Elizabeth C. via - Dec 31, 2020
Great service and amazing food!!!
Diana Robles via - Dec 31, 2020
We went to Bawi Korean BBQ for dinner tonight. The food was excellent, it fun to cook your own food. Serena was wonderful server, she took good care of her customers. Highly recommended ... read more
spencer Fore via - Dec 31, 2020
I’ve been to more traditional Korean bbq places, this place didn’t have the same selection but overall I really liked everything we tried. The server Rebeca was super helpful in explaining everything and describing all the side dishes and sauces. Not a bad price for all you can eat, would definitely recommended.
Jason Stumfoll via - Dec 29, 2020
Our server Serena was awesome and she helped us with everything we needed! They had great customer service and food!
Ella Smith via - Dec 29, 2020
I absolutely coming here. I always have an amazing experience when I visit. I eat here often, and love it every time. Our waitress, Serena was absolutely amazing. She was always there when we needed something. Great service. Would definitely recommend.
Raya Campbell via - Dec 29, 2020
James was our server and he delivered the best service! Always making sure our drinks were filled and that everything was tasting great. Getting to cook was super fun an easy and it made the whole experience something to remember!
Kirna Bostick via - Dec 29, 2020
Confused for a second, but we got the hangof it!
This was the first time we ate at a Korean bbq restaurant. I would have liked more of an introduction to the cuisine and the general process. Cleaning the grill would be a nice aspect if you are cooking a lot of food and with...varied options. Yet, the atmosphere is a bit of fun, and certainly not a "dive." The food is very good.
anderson213 via - Dec 27, 2020
Very good food Loved the experience ... read more
Veronica Hornsby via - Dec 26, 2020
1st time here. Our waiter, Curt was extremely cordial. We are down from St. Joseph, MO, and will de
1st time here. Our waiter, Curt was extremely cordial. We are down from St. Joseph, MO, and will definitely be back.
Mike Capps via - Dec 26, 2020
Everyone here is so sweet and patient! Especially when it comes to demanding large crowds.
Savannah via - Dec 25, 2020
My wife is Korean and my In Korea, a clenched fist is called bawi (a rock), while a fully-stretched, open hand is called bo, or bojagi (a wrapping cloth), and a half-closed hand with only two fingers (typically the thumb and index finger, or index and middle fingers) sticking out is called gawi (scissors).
Armory Kittington via - Dec 25, 2020
I must say I was very impressed ...
I must say I was very impressed to get an authentic Korean BBQ experience in Springfield. Bawi had it all right! We went for the all you can eat and ordered all kinds of meat and seafood. Everything was tasty. Our waitress (sorry I forgot your name but you love husky) was phenomenal and very personable. Parents who never had Korean B ... read more
Yuting H. via - Dec 25, 2020
If you have every watched Korean drama, then you'll really appreciate this place. It's all you can eat for two hours. It's a really good deal. They have several beef, pork, chicken, and seafood options. It's so fun to cook your own meat. The sides are delicious. The service has been good every time.
Katrina Rush via - Dec 24, 2020
Sheesh! This place is so good, you gotta get that chicken with the spices and stuff on it, it’s so good dude.
Anonymous via - Dec 23, 2020
Awesome place good food we will go back ... read more
Justin Kirk via - Dec 20, 2020
The food and service is absolutely amazing.
Andy Serrano via - Dec 18, 2020
It was good. I have no complaints. I have had better Korean and the portion size was a bit small. We got it to go because we're still not eating in. I believe that eating there would be your best option for this restaurant.
Diane Smith via - Dec 17, 2020
I LOVE Bawi! The food quality is great (the cooking quality varies, but usually it's good if I can keep my mom's hands off the tongs ;) ) and the service is always impeccable. I love how social the whole experience is too. Definitely consider Bawi if you're looking for a fun night out!
Susan Meador via - Dec 16, 2020
Great Meat and drinks, saved atmosphere.
Mirene Pires via - Dec 14, 2020
Friendly staff, delicious food & fun experience! We look forward to doing it again!
Friendly staff, delicious food & fun experience! We look forward to doing it again!
Laura Sabev via - Dec 12, 2020
I've been to Bawi multiple times and have had an amazing time every time. I've recommended this restaurant to everyone I know. The food is always amazing and the staff is some of the most helpful and kind I have had eating out. 100% recommended!!!
Sadie Bayless via - Dec 10, 2020
My husband and I tried Bawi Korean Restaurant for the first time yesterday and loved it. We were so
My husband and I tried Bawi Korean Restaurant for the first time yesterday and loved it. We were so happy with the selection of foods and the helpful servers. Restaurant was clean quiet and relaxing and a fun experience ... read more
Heidi Grimm Moriarity via - Dec 7, 2020
Had dinner here by recommendation by girlfriend. You have a few dishes out already. You pick a few meats and you get unlimited after that two dishes at a time. Some of the choices and great and some are okay. You cook the meat yourself on a griddle type thing in front of you. Process is pretty easy. I'm not the best at cleaning the g ... read more
Nicolas Wilson via - Dec 7, 2020
Favorite place to go in Springfield ... read more
Joshua Maresh via - Dec 5, 2020
We had a great time here. Fun and interactive dinner. We didn’t know it was all you can eat, which was great. All the meats were really good. Server was on top of it all. I would go back, and will.
Shannon Sisk via - Dec 5, 2020
It’s a fun place to go and the food is delicious
It’s a fun place to go and the food is delicious ... read more
Nedra King via - Dec 3, 2020
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